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Custom Cat Furniture by Brawny Cat
Large Cat Furniture for Big Cats
Seal Point Cat on Custom Cat Bed
Orange Cat Handcrafted Cat Lounge
Sleepy Cat on Brawny Cat Bed
Big Cat Comfort Furniture
Handcrafted Cat Furniture by Brawny Cat
Cute Kitten on Cat Scratch Lounge
Big Cat Scratch Lounge by Brawny Cat
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Large Cat Scratch Lounge
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Ultimate Cat Scratch Loungers by Brawny Cat

The Perfect Gift for Cats that love to Slumber where they Scratch!

Big Comfort for Any Size Cat

Handcrafted Cat Scratch Loungers by Brawny Cat

Nothing compares to a Brawny Cat Scratch'n Slumber® Comfort Lounger.

For exceptional Size, Comfort, Quality and Longevity - look to Brawny Cat.

The "Big Baby" Comfort Lounge
The "Big Baby" Comfort Lounge

Featured in Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell" with Jackson Galaxy

Brawny Cat featured in Animal Planet My Cat From Hell

"It's become a favorite among all of our cats. The scratching surface is very attractive to them and rugged as well. 

Good work, Andrew!!"

Jackson Galaxy - Cat Daddy

Ozzie Boy on his Big Baby
Ozzie Boy on his Big Baby

                                        Cats know what Cats Crave

                                        - we just create it for them...

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Style #1 - Handcrafted

The Big Baby Comfort Lounge

18 Pounds of Serious Comfort!

26" Wide x 23" Front to Back

Largest, Most Comfortable, Longest Lasting Cat Scratch Lounge in America

Large Cat Scratcher My Cat From Hell
Longest Lasting Cat Scratcher

Style #2 - Handcrafted

The Big Baby Jr. Comfort Lounge

Welcome Back!

26" Wide x 16" Front to Back

Slightly Smaller Version of the Big Baby Comfort Lounge

Style #3 - Handcrafted

The Big Sleeky Comfort Lounge

26" Wide x 17" Front to Back

Big, Hardy and Sleek - For the Big Kitty that has (almost) everything!


Best Cat Scratcher for Big Cats
Custom Cat Scratch Furniture

Brawny Cat's Big Sleeky Comfort Lounge is Big, Hardy and Sleek!

This model also utilizes our Reversible Comfort Padlet so when the topside has done it's job, just reverse the Padlet within the gorgeous cedar framing and the Big Sleeky Comfort Lounge is brand new again!

Style #4

The Sleeky Lounge XL

26" Wide x 16" Front to Back

Best Value of any Cat Scratch Lounge Available Anywhere!

Biggest Cat Scratch Lounge
Large Cardboard Cat Scratch Lounge

Over 416 Square Inches of Scratching and Slumbering Surface!  

 8 Pounds of Comfort

Not even the biggest kitty will be shoving the Sleeky Lounge XL around.

Our Cardboard Scratching Padlets last 10 x Longer - Saves you $$

 Brawny Cat's Comfort Padlets last up to a year and more!

Longest Lasting Cat Scratcher
Longest Lasting Cat Scratcher

The Ultimate Gift for your Kitties! Brawny Cat's Comfort Loungers are the largest, hardiest and longest lasting Cat Scratching Lounge available in America. Designed and handcrafted for your cat's long lasting pleasure and comfort. Thanks for visiting Brawny Cat.


Brawny Cat Bed Cat Scratcher Lounge

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